Welcome to Rock Work Decorations Ltd
Welcome to our website, welcome to the world of rock!

Rock Work Decorations Ltd is a company active in the field of stone ‐ natural and synthetic products. At the same time, the company offers specialized workforce for resurfacing, lining walls, fireplaces, special construction and decorative concrete(stamped).

Therefore, Rock Work Decorations Ltd is an excellent, integrated partner with diverse solutions and proposals for renovating and/or decorating your space.

Owners, builders, designers, contractors, engineers can visit us at our showroom in Nicosia, in our exhibition space and/or even call us to come to their site for technical or decorative suggestions.

Discover the enormous variety of rocks from around the world, only at Rock Work Decorations Ltd. Following on our pages you will discover a new world of both space and stone decoration. See our creations and imagine your own site.

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